Connie Pretula is an inspiring health coach and Menopause Navigator to mature women, using a holistic approach to nutrition and life. 

Time ago, she was a banker and a technology expert. But above and beyond these professional labels, Connie is a relatable woman who has lived and healed through a lifetime of emotional and physical challenges. Now, she uses these life experiences, formal training, and extensive research to help other women find their way to optimal health.

Connie believes in the healing power of food. As a girl, she buried her hands in farm soil and developed a soulful connection to the Earth’s bounty. As a young woman, a demanding corporate career led to a medley of digestive, hormonal, and adrenal imbalances. She eliminated processed foods, made key lifestyle changes, and embraced a new-found health with vigour. Today, she educates women on the merits of eating a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet. 

Connie offers her treasure chest of nutritional and lifestyle gems to help women 40+ who are struggling with fatigue, excess weight, anxiety, and digestive issues as they navigate the unfamiliar territory of perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Because of her own personal experience, Connie’s mission is to make nutrition both healing and delicious! She educates and guides the mature woman to strength and joy through nourishment, while providing insight on the impact food choices have on one’s well-being.

As The Menopause Navigator, Connie will support and inspire YOU to achieve your best health ever!